Longer Wrist warmers with a thumb hole, washed at 60 degrees celsius on a cotton cycle to felt them. That also shrinks them to fit your wrists. The wool is a bit scratchy, so that stimulates blood flow and truly warms you up. They also fill the gap of all those bracelet sleeved and 3/4 length sweaters. Practical and beautiful.

To custom order Felted Wrist Warmers - first we need to talk:

Go to my Color Library and pick a palette you love and contact me so that I can let you know if I have those colors in natural dyed yarn, or if I will need to use wool spun from local sheep and dyed with mineral dyes. I will help you pick out what Latvian symbols best work for you, and as soon as we have it all worked out and you place the order I will start knitting.

It takes several days to knit a pair of Wrist Warmers and then a day to felt them and to let them dry. I knit them with 5 needles in the round and each one is a bit different in colors.

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