A warm cuddly blanket skirt was exactly what I was craving. I designed denim children's wear years back, and I know that the fabric nowadays used to sew pants is shirt weight thin, so fragile that pants really should not be sewn from it. You squat down once and the knees rip. When I go outside in denim jeans or cords my thighs freeze. I get inside, and they are still freezing. I have needed something warm to wrap around my still chilly legs, and now I have it.

This is reversible, so you can wear either the knit or purl side out. Each side is subtly different in tone. I sew all the seams with contrasty thread, and hand crochet a fun flirty border so you can feel that this is hand made with love. You can wrap the belt once or twice for a sleeker look.

I knit this with local Latvian and Estonian raised wool that is washed in spring fed pond water instead of with chemicals. The dyes are mostly mineral dyes so its as environmentally friendly as possible. I added two strands of kid mohair for soft fluffy warmth, and a few silk and cotton threads for pizazz. I washed the skirt in my machine on a wool/silk cycle, and then lay it flat on a towel to dry, so its super easy to care for. 

For a custom order Blanket Skirt-

Go to my Color Library and pick a palette you love.

Make a note of the color palette name in your Order Comments. (ex. Mirror Lake)


width: 56cm (22")


total length: 856cm (33")


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