This is my stay at home just want to be comfortable but still look stunning dress. Its sleeveless so you can pair it with a long or short sleeved shirt or sweater. I feel soooo good wearing it. No tight waistbands so I can have friends over and eat all I want! Its completely reversible, both sides have different stripes. If I have been sitting for hours and the butt is stretched I just switch front to back and it quickly goes back to shape. I just LOVE this style so I am offering it to you as a custom order.

Knee length - 96cm/38" 

Width - Measure your chest and hips 

Go to my Color Library and pick a palette you love.

Write the width and palette name (ex. 88 cm chest, 90cm hips, Fall Sky) in your order comments and I will knit a random striped masterpiece just for you.

Knit with local Latvian grown wool, kid mohair, silk and cotton. PREWASHED on a wool cycle, so easy to care for.

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