For the first time in years I spent my birthday at home. It took me more than half a lifetime to find my home, and now I did not want to be anywhere else.

Zenta came over with a big tub of fall flowers for me to plant in my garden. She looked around my overgrown meadow in confusion before realizing, oh, you don’t have a garden. Next year… this first year I spent almost all my time making my home ready for winter, putting in heating, sanding floors, building a kitchen, building a studio space, painting and cleaning.

I have had lots of friends visit in my not yet ready home, and the best room is the front porch. In time there will be lots of garden and meadow flowers to look at while sitting in my rocking chair, listening to the birds and watching the storks grow up.

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I use many thin strands of cotton, kid mohair and silk to “paint” my colors with yarn. The cafe wrap is soft and warm, and the chunky cotton keeps the breeze from your back.

74cm (29″) wide and 97 – 132cm (38″- 52″) top + bottom around will fit most everyone

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