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Latvia has forests that are like grocery stores. Full of blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries, chanterelles, morels, and 100 or more edible mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is the national pastime for men and women. Mushrooms get marinated and berries turn into preserves for winter's vitamin supply. Nothing artificial here.

Whoever wakes up first owns the bounty. Two days after a rain in late summer the early trains and busses are full of people with buckets for berries and baskets for mushrooms. The roads and highways are lined with the parked cars of people who just could not resist the urge to do a bit of foraging. Free food, and the picking process is pure meditative bliss.

Here are a few of the Forest items I have knit. Every time it comes out a bit different, but beautiful none the less. Pick a style from my style catalog, and I will knit it for you.


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