I love to ride my bike in the woods, and got a kick stand just to make it easier to stop and pick berries or take photos and soak in the amazing colors I see. This photo is from a ride along the coastal sand dunes that are covered by pine forests. The same forests that dripped sap into the sea 30-90 million years ago to make amber. Magical!

I hand knit these on 5 needles in the round using the traditional twisted stitch technique found in Latvian mittens. Its time consuming, but I just love how it adds texture and depth. I did not completely felt these, so they are a bit wider. They were washed on a wool cycle, and you can continue to do the same.

Knit with local Baltic raised wool spun in Pāce, Latvia where no chemicals are used for washing, just water from the pond. There are still bits and pieces of meadow chaff here and there to prove it.

width - 10cm (4")

length - 13cm (5")


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