Diana is a biologist and saw the shawl I knit using natural dyed yarn. She had bags of mushroom dyed yarn and asked me to knit it up. Being a scientist everything was labeled and bagged by species, I of course made a list in the order used. Diana's wrap ended up with 14 species and 35 shades. Needless to say Diana was delighted.

Now we are offering a limited edition of unique mushroom dyed wraps. Diana forages for the mushrooms in the Latvian woods where mushroom hunting is a national pastime, and obsession. I add some kid mohair for softness, and a thread of silk or cotton for color depth. I put in a stripe or two of natural indigo blue dyed yarn, I like the contrast. Every single wrap comes out different, and you can request striped or tonal gradations.

We know that mushroom hunters will be curious, so each wrap will have a list of species and mushrooms used in the order that they were knit. Diana is working out a chart with the names and photos.

I still have mushroom yarn for two more shawl wraps, after that it depends on mushroom availability and I will let you know the timing for delivery.

I have a rainbow of colors of natural dyed yarn from ferns, flowers, indigo, insects, everything that was used before synthetic dyes were invented. If you are interested in a natural dyed wool shawl wrap, let me know.

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