Rose leaves in autumn, a warm coral red with spots. The autumnal sunset glow intensifies the colors. Each wrist warmer is slightly different in color and stripes, kind of like everything else that I knit.

These are my first try at hand knit and felted wrist warmers. Hand knit in a chunky garter stitch. They are soft and thick with a thumbhole. I felted them in a washing machine at 40c and 1200 revolutions, so you can toss them in with the laundry. Lay flat on towel to dry.

Knit with local Baltic raised wool spun in Pāce, Latvia where no chemicals are used for washing, just water from the pond. There are still bits and pieces of meadow chaff here and there to prove it.

width - 10cm (4")

length - 16cm (6.5")


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