I put on my gumboots and went out between rain showers to find a bright mango colored, purple spotted leaf I had seen. I ended up with a few random species of leaves that had the same purple spots on a leaf going from green to pink orange. I have no idea what causes this, microbes, mold, insects? I only know that the colors are spectacular, so of course I had to knit them.

Its actually quite interesting to look, to really truly see all the colors and how they interact with each other in nature. I was getting bored, feeling like I kept using the same color combinations over and over. Now I am creating colors, from a natural source and by doing that surprising myself with new blends of yarn.

I knit this color blocked, and since I use odd lots of yarn the panels end up asymmetrical. A lovely serendipitous design element.

This is a combination of cotton, silk and kid mohair. It fits most. 

*** The brooch I used to close it is NOT INCLUDED, any pin, and even some hair pins will work, be creative.

chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 60cm (23.5")

length in back - 63cm (25")

fold in half and measure center back to cuff - 84cm (33")

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