I went to a painting seminar in the nearby town of Dzērbene during the best and brightest days of the Latvian autumn. The seminar was by an old castle complete with its moat, and I could not stop enjoying the colors and photographing them. I only started painting the last day because I was too busy exploring. I came across a few sumac trees in full tropical looking reds, oranges and gold. Not at all looking like something that would grow in Northern Europe. Nature truly is amazing. 

I knit with a combination of kid mohair, silk and cotton to make unique ombre color blends. The sweater ends up very light weight, yet fluffy and warm. Perfect for travelling, it easily compacts and travels well.

This is an oversize one size fits all look. I have seen my Annie cardigans on a size XXL woman and they are so flattering, more like a coat that will elegantly cover everything and leave your legs looking slender. The sleeves are long, so you can scrunch them up. or be thrilled that something finally fits your long arms:)

 If you are petite, please let me know and I can knit an XS/S for you.

width: 62cm (24 1/2″)

length at center back: 80 cm (31 1/2″)

center back to end of sleeve: 81 cm (32″)

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