I saw a young musician making beautiful music who had bright green hair the color of some yarn I had. This inspired me to try knitting a shawl in  shocking bright green. At the next craft fair a preteen passing through declared, I need a scarf, and them came to my booth and immediately grabbed the bright green scarf. I admitted that I got the idea from a singer with... her eyes grew huge, and she showed me her phone cover with photos of that very same musician. She was ecstatic, and even more so because her instinct led her to the exact perfect scarf. I normally wouldn't mention the inspiration for this, because it is a person, not something in nature, but the joy that it brought a 12, 13 year old is just so heartwarming. 

Wear it pointy or scrunched to the side, turn it for completely different color stripes. No two hats are alike, and they are guaranteed to make you smile. Enjoy winter and stay toasty warm.

Knit with local Baltic raised wool spun in Pāce, Latvia where no chemicals are used for washing, just water from the pond. There are still bits and pieces of meadow chaff here and there to prove it. I blend it with super soft kid mohair and some cotton or silk threads for color accents and windproofing. 

This hat is PREWASHED on a wool cycle, I then lay it flat to dry. Easy to care and fun to wear.

Size S/M 
around - 48cm (19")
length - 38 cm (15")

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