Fallen leaves in still green meadowgrass. Summer and autumn combined.

I lived in San Francisco 16 years where seasons do not really exist except for rainy and dry. I missed the autumns of my childhood and youth in Chicago the most, in all its colorful glory. Now living 13 years in Latvia I love spring the best. Change is good, both in seasons and in life. It keeps everything fresh and new.

I knit with a combination of kid mohair, silk and cotton to make unique ombre color blends. The sweater ends up very light weight, yet fluffy and warm. Perfect for travelling, it easily compacts and travels well.

This is an oversize one size fits all look. Kristine is modelling here, she is tall, 180cm (5’11”) but is thin enough to fit into a size S. I have seen this same sweater on a size XXL woman and it is just as flattering. This will be much longer on you, more like a coat that will elegantly cover everything and leave your legs looking slender.

 If you are petite, please let me know and I can knit an XS/S for you.

width: 62cm (24 1/2″)

length at center back: 80 cm (31 1/2″)

center back to end of sleeve: 81 cm (32″)

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