Kid mohair fibers twisted onto a silk core with a thin merino wool strand for the most exquisite quality knit. I left "eyelashes" where I switched colors to accentuate the fragility of the fabric. Seams are hand stitched with contrast colored yarn, just because. The pullover has a tubular cowl that you can wear on your neck or as a headband. This is the perfect sweater for travel, the size of a snowball when condensed. It weighs nothing, yet is warm. Luxurious and softly elegant. when worn in your size it fits like a second skin. Go one or two sizes bigger for a floaty frothy cloud of warmth.

The sleeves can cover your hands to your fingertips, or can be worn scrunched up.


chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 40-46cm (16-18") the fabric is very stretchy

length - 66cm (26")

Available in graphite or beet, S, M, L, XL

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