You need a lot of baskets to live in Latvia. First and foremost is the basket for picking mushrooms. They need to not get crushed and of course you need a lot of room in case if you happen upon some boletus giants. You go out early, and often stay up until 2, 3 am sortng, cleaning and cooking your haul. Then there is the basket for berries; lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries. The woods are full of them and this basket cannot be too big, or you will not be able to carry it back home. Its good to know how many liters of berries fill the basket so that you can calculate the sugar ratio for preserves. I have a tiny basket for getting my daily salad from the garden, and an enormous basket for when the zucchini and squash are ready. In the city it is now trendy to have a leather handled basket for farmers market shopping. Most craft fairs in Latvia have master basket weavers and weaving guilds. Each basket is unique in color, shape, size and the weaver will help you pick just what you need. I even have a basket hat for gardening from braided and sewn wicker strips made by a local elder whose hands just will not keep still. I recreated that in this Pinumi (basket) bucket hat.

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Sizes: Baby, Toddler, Kid, Adult S/M, L/XL are all included.

The pattern is designed specifically for Urth Yarns, Monochrome Fingering Wool, Harvest natural dyed fingering wool and Uneek hand dyed striped fingering wools.

Ravelry Designer: Inese Iris Liepina  


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