I wanted a coat to make a statement. Winter is for concerts, operas, openings, and feeling glamorously warm. I played with the architecture of this collar, remade my idea several times, and then knit a sample, surprising myself how versatile it really is. A low slung stole, a movie star scarf, a snug cowl, a double breasted collar. Super chunky thick and warm, warm, warm!

The coat is knit with three strands of wool from Latvian and Estonian raised sheep, spun in Pāce in a factory where no chemicals are used for washing, and their mineral dyes are as natural as possible. There is lots of lanolin in the yarn and you may find a few bits of meadow chaff in there too, its as real as can be. I added threads of cotton and silk for color pizazz, and then threw it in the washing machine on a cotton cycle, 40 c and 1200 revolutions. I then let it dry flat on a clothes rack. You can continue to machine wash it.

Size S 

chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 62cm (24.5")
length from top of shoulder to hem - 104 cm (41")
the sleeves are long enough to fold into cuffs to fit your correct length

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