The sun is the embodiment of the energy of the universe, it is the heart, it sees all, it comprehends all. It gives us light, warmth and mercy. The sun is our mother, and sun symbols at times are embellished until they begin to resemble flowers. Sun flowers, the motif for these times. We live in this sun, but when we die we go to the other sun. A beautiful way to find peace with the passing of life. It is said that birds live on the border between suns, and at times help souls travel. I tell my cats every day, let the birds be, mice only, and they actually listen. These cuffs are inspired by the sun motifs and zig zag edge of the mittens of Šķipi, which is surrounded by lakes in the Latgale region of Latvia. Latgale borders on Russia, so wearing these sunflower cuffs, I call on the spirits of my ancestors for protection and guidance. 

The pattern is designed specifically for Urth YarnsHarvest natural dyed fingering wool and Uneek hand dyed striped fingering woolsTHE LINKS WILL EXPIRE IN 6 MONTHS, so please download your files promptly.

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