I went on a 120 kilometer trek through the Altai mountains in Mongolia. At the end we drove to camp at a lake where we could see the mountains of Kazakhstan in the distance. A storm was coming from there, and after a short salty swim in the lake I barely got back to my tent before the deluge. This photo is taken from my tent a second or two before rain came blowing in.

Chunky knit and completely reversible, switch sides according to your mood for the day. I knit this with a combination of local grown Latvian wool, kid mohair, cotton and silk. All the colors are hand blended during the knitting process. I hand sew the seams using scrap ends from my other sweaters leaving knot ends as a boho touch. Its part of my zero waste attempt. This sweater is PREWASHED on a wool cycle and then lay flat to dry, so go ahead and do the same.

Size L 
chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 60cm (23.5")
length from top of shoulder to hem - 76 cm (30")
fold in half and measure center back to cuff - 88 cm (34.5")..

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