I knit the colors of a leopard I saw in the Serengeti in Africa. It looks more like a tiger being that it ends up striped, but you still can feel the animal in there. This is for those times you just want to be comfortable, warm, yet look and feel artfully unique. My next generation of mobius twist clothing. I knit this very loose and chunky with a blend of cotton, kid mohair and silk. You can wear it front or back. An elegant toss on sweater wrap.    I wasn’t quite sure how this would work when I knit the first one, but it is surprisingly wearable and versatile. This size will fit just about everyone, but please let me know if you want something more petite or XL.

Width: 22-26″ (56-66cm)

Length at center back: 19″ (48cm)

Center back to end of sleeve cuff: 27.5″ (70cm)

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