I climbed kilimanjaro to celebrate my 50th birthday. Afterwards we went on safari in Tanzania. I don't remember the name of this bird, but it looked like the perfect postcard of Africa. Those golden brown eyes, and that determination. It was huge, and running not flying amongst ostriches and animals across the Serengeti plain.

Chunky knit and completely reversible, switch sides according to your mood for the day. I knit this with a combination of local grown Latvian wool, kid mohair, cotton and silk. All the colors are hand blended during the knitting process. I hand sew the seams using scrap ends from my other sweaters leaving knot ends as a boho touch. Its part of my zero waste attempt. I PREWASHED this sweater on a wool cycle and then laid it flat to dry, so go ahead and do the same.

Size XL 
chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 66cm (26")
length from top of shoulder to hem - 80 cm (31.5")
fold in half and measure center back to cuff - 90 cm (35.5")


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