The first winter I lived in Latvia I took a month long trip to New Zealand. Oh how I wish I could go back. Its a magical land of volcanoes, mountains penguins, sheep and the clearest bluest water I have ever seen. This stream was downhill from the hiking trail. I wanted to jump in but there was no safe way down the cliffs, and the stream itself was too fast and furious if you don't know where the good swimming places are.

This sweater coat is  a wool, mohair, silk and cotton blend that I then machine wash on the wool cycle, so its a bit like boiled wool. Easy to care for, super warm to wear. My Liene sweater coat can be worn either side on top, I use a hatpin, brooch or belt to keep it shut, a hairpin or even a toothpick will work. 

This is not just any wool, its from Latvian and Estonian raised sheep, spun in Pāce in a factory where no chemicals are used for washing, and their mineral dyes are as natural as possible. There is lots of lanolin in the yarn and you may find a few bits of meadow chaff in there too, its as real as can be.

Size M 
chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 54cm (21")
length from top of shoulder to hem - 76 cm (30")
fold in half and measure center back to cuff - 83 cm (32.5")

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