Willows are so subtly, colorfuly green- soft blue greens and silvery grey greens. There are lots of ancient willows around my home, and now I can actually see one from my front porch through the maples and across the meadow.

Liene wanted a cardigan sweater. She lives in a wood heated home behind a castle by a lake, and kept insisting that she gets cold and needs something warm, thick and chunky. I knit up a wool, mohair, silk and cotton blend that I then machine wash wool cycle, so its a bit like boiled wool. Easy to care for, super warm to wear.  

Every single time I have seen Liene since, and I do mean every single time she has been wearing her sweater. Her daughter wants one, and so did a friend. My Liene sweater coat can be worn either side on top, I use a hatpin, brooch or belt to keep it shut, a hairpin or even a toothpick will work. 

This is not just any wool, its from Latvian and Estonian raised sheep, spun in Pāce in a factory where no chemicals are used for washing, and their mineral dyes are as natural as possible. There is lots of lanolin in the yarn and you may find a few bits of meadow chaff in there too, its as real as can be.

Size M 
chest measured across a bit below the armhole - 54cm (21")
length from top of shoulder to hem - 76 cm (30")
fold in half and measure center back to cuff - 83 cm (32.5")

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