So many times a mom will buy a second knit from me because her daughter "borrowed" the first one and is not giving it back. I think the Jumis wrist warmers are going to have the same fate. The pattern is the perfect gift for a knitting mom or grandma to knit and give as a gift to the next generation. Luckily you end up with enough Urth Yarn to make a duplicate set for yourself.

Jumis is inspired by the fringe technique often found on Latvian mittens. Its fun to wear, and will dress up any outfit in an artsy way. The fringe reminds me of a field of grasses, so I added Jumis, a two headed grain, the symbol of fertility and abundance. 

The pattern is designed specifically for Urth YarnsHarvest natural dyed fingering wool and Uneek hand dyed striped fingering woolsTHE LINKS WILL EXPIRE IN 6 MONTHS, so please download your files promptly.

You can get the pattern for the the matching boot cuffs here.

Ravelry Designer: Inese Iris Liepina 


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