If you are in Latvia, and have a few friends who like to knit, we can arrange to have a days workshop of Knitting Natures Colors at my studio in the heart of Latvia. Perfect for 3-10 knitters.

First we arrange the date that works for everyone. I am a 2 hour drive from Rīga, so if you arrive around 10:00-11:00 by dinnertime you will have knit a colorful sauna hat that can be easily felted in your washing machine at home. (40c, 1200 rev).

We will start with a short hike through the meadow and forest collecting color ideas. In my studio I have shelves of Pāce wool yarn for your color experiments. Pāce wool is spun from Latvian and Estonian sheep. It is washed with spring fed pond water instead of chemicals so there are still bits of meadow chaff in it. After spinning it is dyed as naturally as possible with mineral dyes. After knitting it needs to be washed to get the lanolin out and a washing machine will easily felt your beautiful creation.

This listing is for one person. A minimum of 3 must sign up for each workshop.

Yarn is included in the price.

Lunch is included.

Bring a set of 5mm needles for knitting in the round.

Contact me if you have questions at: inese@wrapturebyinese.com

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