Latgale is the region of Latvia that borders on Russia. Latgalian is not a dialect, it is a language that is having its renaissance with a fierce sense of pride for the younger generation through Latgalian rappers, folk rock singers, films, street signs, books, and those who no longer automatically switch to speaking Latvian. A Latvian speaker with time can understand most spoken Latgalian. Reading it out loud also works. This tunic dress is inspired by a Latgalian shawl from the 12th century woven with dark indigo blue wool and decorated with copper rings to make the magical symbols. Crosses are for protection and are the portals between worlds; connecting the past, present and future. Although the shawl does not have a "zalktis" symbol, I felt I needed to knit it into the wrist warmers. Zalktis is a grass snake, the keeper of the hearth, a force for health and well being. It's interesting that the symbol of healers and medicine the world over has an entwined snake. Powerful and necessary protection, the life force and a connection to ancient lore that is so necessary in these crazy times. 

The pattern is designed specifically for Urth Yarns, Harvest natural dyed worsted merino wool and Uneek hand dyed striped worsted wool. THE LINKS WILL EXPIRE IN 6 MONTHS, so please download your files promptly.

Ravelry Designer: Inese Iris Liepina 


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