Latvia is so far north that the sun and moon seem to go around in the sky. The sun wheel shows this movement. When the sun alternates with the moon in the wheel time expands, day becomes night, life has an afterlife. This is the power of the universe, pulsating movement that alternates between static (a cross) and dynamic (diagonal cross or X) at the center. The center is the present where the past and future connect. Mandalas with the the sun and moon offer magical protection. I added the vibrating movement that is often woven into linen fabric to pulsate this magic into your being.

THE LINKS WILL EXPIRE IN 6 MONTHS, so please download your files promptly. 

Sizes XS, S/M, L/XL are all included with charts.

The pattern is designed specifically for Urth Yarns, Harvest natural dyed fingering wool and Uneek hand dyed striped fingering wools


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