My house was abandoned for many years, so the front few meters between the kitchen window and the dirt road were chunks of bricks, leftover construction sand, sunk in tire tracks and weeds. I planted a hydrangea to make the view from my kitchen window prettier.

All the other windows have stunning views with no signs of civilization, just trees and hills and meadows. The kitchen looks out to my neighbor’s driveway and cars. A bit to the left and I would be looking at his waterlily pond. A bit to the right and I would have a view of his bee hives and the valleys and hills beyond. So I planted a row of lilacs directly in front of the driveway view, and if the hydrangea survives the winter I think I will add a few more. So much nicer than putting up curtains.

I used many thin strands of cotton, silk, kid mohair. Its super soft, chunky and fluffy, like an ultra weight brushed fleece sweatshirt. Cuddly and warm.

29" (74cm) wide and 38"- 52" (97 - 132cm) top + bottom around will fit most everyone.

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