Snow comes in so very many variations of white. Add some birches and lichen covered oaks and you have a rainbow of white and grey. I kept trying to photograph the subtlety but finally realised, I just have to knit it. Golden sunlight with lavender shadows, blue grey skies and glittering snowfields.

I am one of the lucky few who lives on a cross country ski trail. I met the owner of the ski area in the US when we were both 16-17. We did not meet again until after he found out I had moved to Latvia 30 years later. I told him I was buying a house near his. He said the ski trails are up the hill. I said no, they go right past my house, so he moved them, and put up a sign; Inese - shawls with an arrow pointing toward my studio. I have had people ski over to buy and custom order knits.

I am also getting a bit spoiled, stopping a skier to ask if its too icy. Thinking twice about going out if its too cold or overcast, there is always tomorrow. Today the sun is shining, so I will ski a looong loop. I can work this evening when its dark, that makes so much more sense to me:)

I used many thin strands of cotton, silk, kid mohair. Its super soft, chunky and fluffy, like an ultra weight brushed fleece sweatshirt. Cuddly and warm.

29" (74cm) wide and 38"- 52" (97 - 132cm) top + bottom around will fit most everyone.

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