Old trees have a soul. They have seen generations of families come and go, not to mention woodland creatures and birds in their branches. The silvery aqua green lichen is actually fungi covered with algae, a symbiotic relationship. One cannot live without the other. Humans need trees in the same way, I know that every morning when I wake and see my trees outside my bedroom window. 

I used many thin strands of cotton, silk, kid mohair. Its super soft, chunky and fluffy, like an ultra weight brushed fleece sweatshirt. Cuddly and warm.

29" (74cm) wide and 38"- 52" (97 - 132cm) top + bottom around will fit most everyone.

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Wendy McNally on 17th Dec 2019

Love these beautiful shawl wraps!!! They make great family gifts and are multi seasonal wardrobe accessories. Inese has an unbelievable talent coordinating colors and executing her designs...a must for any closet ❤️