One of my favorite childhood memories is of my mom cutting a stalk of rhubarb, taking off the stringy skin, and giving me a bowl of sugar for dipping. The perfect sweet & sour fun treat for a kid. 

When I bought my house in the countryside of Latvia, a friend brought three rhubarb plants as a housewarming gift. Two got lost in my jumble of meadow flowers, and one produced a few snail eaten leaves. This year, not expecting a lot, all three rhubarb plants surprised me by growing. The biggest one even grew 4 gigantic flowers. I had never seen a rhubarb flower, and had to resort to my borrowed organic gardening book to know that I needed to trim them to give more strength to the stalks. Well you know me, I just could not resist, just had to knit some rhubarb flowers for you.

I used many thin strands of cotton, silk, kid mohair. Its super soft, chunky and fluffy, like an ultra weight brushed fleece sweatshirt. Cuddly and warm.

29" (74cm) wide and 38"- 52" (97 - 132cm) top + bottom around will fit most everyone.

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