In winter I ski every day if there is snow, evenings are for working. I see so many colors in the winter woods, bright paprika orange and chartreuse patches of lichen, all shades of brown taupe and silvery grey. Rusty branches and pale blue skies. I sometimes see the same family of deer. There are moose, fox, wild boar, and rabbit tracks criss crossing, and sometimes using the same trails that I am.

I am bringing the magic of the woods to you. Breathe deeply, stay still for a moment, meditate on the amazing colors you see and relax your mind.

I used many thin strands of cotton, silk, kid mohair. Its super soft, chunky and fluffy, like an ultra weight brushed fleece sweatshirt. Cuddly and warm.

29" (74cm) wide and 38"- 52" (97 - 132cm) top + bottom around will fit most everyone.

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Wendy McNally on 18th Mar 2020

Love all of the wraps which is why I have been happy to give them away as gifts! However, this, Frozen Pond wrap will be keeping my shoulders warm and beautiful...This one I'm keeping ❤